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Azzanation said:
setsunatenshi said:

Well, yeah, it's a debatable topic, which is why we are debating it...

I did mention halo on my examples above and it's patently obvious the quality difference in quality output from both lines of first party studios to the general public. If you'd want to put games side by side for some reason, i think it would look more embarrassing for Microsoft if you put their 3rd person action games vs the ones on Sony side.

We have some admission by the Xbox guys themselves in the justification for their studio purchasing spree, they were caught with their pants down all generation and hopefully they can improve. Which goes back to my original point, it's not about quantity, these studios need now to produce the type of quality content Sony WWS have done this gen.. Hope they can, more good games for us all to enjoy.

Well if you want to work out who actually makes better games than instead of comparing apple to oranges its best to compare apples to apples. No point comparing a Card game to a Racing game. The genres MS invest in they tend to do the best in.

It also wont be embarrassing for MS because this gen we haven't seen much of MS competing in the 3rd person action market aside from Gears 4 and 5 which I would be quite comfortable to put them up against the best 3rd person action games this gen. You can also argue the same point going with Xbox games, where FPS and the Racing genre Xbox have dominated in much the same with Sony dominating the story telling 3rd person games. If rumours are true than that's why MS created The Intuitive, who are rumoured to be creating a story telling 3rd person action game. 

Honestly not many games have been made internally by MS/Xbox this gen, a lot of the games released have been contracted to other developers to make. But when you look at the games MS have made internally, they have been quite solid releases and quality wise, they are up there with the AAA standards. Its just Sony had this gen firing on all cylinders, with majority of there 1st party studios delivering while MS were in the mix of closing and buying and basically relied on 3 to 4 1st party studios to make games while the rest were again sourced from outside. 

The problem is alot of the crowd seem to think Halo & Gears are going stale.
Also multiplat devs make tons and tons of FPS genre games..... so not getting them from 1st party, isnt nearly as noticeable, as lacking 3rd person action games (which arnt as common) (if your into those sorts of games).

Also even if Halo & Gears, are up there in terms of quality, i think their still astep behinde some of Sony's titles.