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zorg1000 said:
JRPGfan said:

FF7R is big though... thats like Halo levels of big.
Ghosts of Tsushima is probably like gears levels.
The Last of Us Part 2, is alot bigger than a halo title is.

Theres stuff for 2020... that should make new consumers want to jump on board, ontop of the already really solid lineup & library of games there.

Also like I said, that forecast down to 13.5m, is something thats gonna be blown past imo.

The system selling power of games diminishes the further into the cycle we go, especially when it comes to franchises that already have a presence on the system.

FF7R & TLOU2 will both be huge sellers and will definitely move some hardware but the wont stop the decline.

As for the forcast getting blown past, that's not happening, they already adjusted it down twice this year and if they wanted to lowball than they would have done so from the beginning.

I do agree with your points and that a down revision probably wasn't made to just brag that they overshoot it by some million.

But if they decide to make a permanent cut there is chance that they overshoot it anyway (but the down revision indicates they didn't want to cut, but plans change).

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