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I have way too many games right now that I am trying to play, that I don't know if I'll decide to get anything or not, but my picks are:

- DMC5 looks to be my top pick out of this list, filtering out the things I already own.
- AC Odyssey appears to be significantly marked down. Is that really a full-priced game normally? I haven't really played an AC game before, other than Black Flag, but I only ever put a few hours at most into it. Wanting to know what the fuss is all about.
- Haven't played Far Cry 5 either. Thought of getting it on several occasions, so at some point I'll take the plunge.
- Code Vein: Decent sale, I suppose, but I'm guessing this will go down in price quickly so I may get it later.
- Man of Medan for $20.99 is very tempting for me. I fucking loved Until Dawn, but I heard that this one had a much lower budget and the reviews weren't astounding. Still, I want to play it for myself.