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youngbr said:
DonFerrari said:
It seems that against some predictions Death Stranding held a higher score than Pokemon Sword and Shield.

I am glad you brought this up. I am trying to understand what is going on when I go to Twitter and other places.

I see most people saying how "Pokémon" reviews have been "GREAT" and how "Death Stranding" are "MIXED". I may be living in a different reality because "Death Stranding" Metacritic is higher and it has so many 100, but Pokémon has 0. Not trying to compare or anything, but how is the concept that Pokémon got Great Reviews and Death Stranding got Mixed? Why no one is saying Pokémon reviews aren't good, but keeps says 1000 times how Death Stranding were not good. I don't get it. 

Yeah, I wouldn't call it mixed for Death Stranding, because the vast majority are positive. And it has a very notable amount of high end/perfect scores. But it is polarizing enough that the lower end reviews affect the average score in a notable way. And this is partially because the review scale for games is pretty strange. Numerically you'd think 5.0 should mean average, but it does not here, because the entire scale is essentially never used. The majority of reviewers tend to only use the upper end of the review scale. So it becomes a situation where we see incremental changes in less than single digits between ~70-100, while ignoring the bottom end of the review spectrum completely.
Granted, few games with any effort put into them should be anywhere near 0, but that doesn't mean that essentially half of the review scale should be ignored.

Though scores aside, it seems like there's a not insignificant chance that DS is the type of game you may either love or hate.

Omar500 said:

Because Nintendo games are almost always overrated from critics side of view. They are almost scared to give bad score for it 

That may be true in some cases, but incidentally I think Kojima games have traditionally fallen under that category as well, if we're talking scores.
I was surprised at just how positive reviewers were with Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5. They received Metascores of 94 and 93 respectively.
Which is even higher than MGS3's metascore. And I'm not sure about that one...