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Agente42 said:

Disagree. Saturn conundrum make Sega bleed money. Sega Cd, 32 X is confusion and misteps, agreed. But Saturn cost to much to Sega.  

Still a great console with a fantastic library and the best controller for fighting games ever made. Saturn was just another straw that helped break SEGA's back. SEGA was supporting too many consoles at once with limited funds. Even in 2019 they sell the Master System in Brazil. If SEGA listened to SEGA of America they would not have hit the fan so hard. SOA was really pushing to partner with Sony. SEGA was in talks to have Sony make the Saturn. A console is defined by its library not it's sales. Saturn had a larger and more varied library than N64. Play my Saturn about every week. There is a reason it pops up on all-time best console lists constantly through the years online. SEGA was hurting from the 32X and SCD still and supporting Genesis,32X,SCD,Pico,Master System,Saturn,Game Gear,Nomad and more in 1995. That's too much to support at once. Even remove Saturn and they are still in trouble financially.