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I actually really like your discussion regarding further systematic issues in our education. What I find probably most interesting about this is I feel like we continue to get worse and worse. It seems like they only take more "real life" type education away from normal schooling each year, rather than adding more in. This is despite many people continually arguing that it is blatantly missing.

So why do we continue having education be less and less relevant? Is it really a cost thing? Something tells me it wouldn't cost anymore to teach personal finance to young adults than it would to teach Astronomy,

This problem is like a result of schooling being so based on centralized testing scores nowadays (and it's obviously relatively difficult to judge/score real life skills), and it quite frankly appears like a schools number 1 goal is just to get higher scores on standardized testing, which really aren't at all indicative of ability to succeed in life. I don't think money alone would really fix this, as money (and having tests dictate if a school has earned certain funding per pupil) already led to a scenario like what we have.

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.