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Lately I've been really into Soulslikes, which is quite a turnaround for me. Some background:

The first Soulslike I bought I hated; it was obtuse, there was no explanation for all the items and features and what they did, there was no knowing where to go next once you hit the main portion of the game so I'd end up getting slaughtered by tackling a high level area far too early, the controls (PC port) were :/, it felt like you needed a Wikia to make any progress, and so on. That game was Dark Souls 2 and I gave up after a few hours and didn't return. I knew the series was supposed to be difficult, but the difficulty - to me, at that time - felt like it was derived not from challenging gameplay as much as just a lack of explanation for everything if you were a newcomer.

It almost put me off the genre altogether, but then The Surge came out and I liked the look of it in gameplay clips and the sci-fi setting was appealing to me. I took a chance on it and... I loved it.

Thus began a long journey of my getting into and coming to like and, in some cases love these AA-AAA (not the 2D indie pixel releases; pixel graphics do less than nothing for me) Soulslikes. Next was Bloodborne, then Lords of the Fallen, then I finally gave Dark Souls 2 a second chance and, armed with my experience of Soulslikes, I came to enjoy it and finally complete it. After that I went on to Dark Souls 3, which I thought was outstanding. Now I'm almost finished with The Surge 2. Next up I plan on playing Sekiro and probably then Code Vein (I'll skip Dark Souls Remastered because it looks so dated to me after having played Dark Souls 3). I have a self-imposed restriction that I won't start a new one until I've completed the one I've started. I also don't allow myself to use player summons.

I was discussing with @Veknoid_Outcast , who is a fellow Surge fan, which Soulslikes we enjoyed the most and I'm curious how other fans of the genre rank the ones they've played. I might also get some suggestions for ones to add to my wishlist in the process. So go ahead and rank all of the Soulslikes you've played!

My ranking so far:

1 - Dark Souls 3

2 - The Surge

3 - Bloodborne

4 - Dark Souls 2

5 - Salt & Sanctuary

6 - The Surge 2

7 - Nioh

8 - Lords of the Fallen

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