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Jaicee said:
DarthMetalliCube said:
I approve of withdrawing our troops 100%. I'm fed up with my country acting as the world police. It's time to focus on our own issues. Let those abroad fight their own wars.

So why didn't we fight our own war against ISIS then? Why did we have the Kurdish people fight it for us before abandoning them to be killed?

Or were we supposed to do nothing about ISIS and just let them do whatever they wanted to anyone they wanted anywhere they wanted, including here in this country?

Also, our military assistance in the SDF's fight against ISIS was directly requested by them. We weren't just imposing ourselves on the region.

Also also, those U.S. troops in Northern Syria aren't "coming home", as Trump has claimed on Twitter. They're being redeployed to other parts of the Middle East that you might say require them less, so...

First off let me say I am in the camp (aka the seeming majority) that doesn't like that we screwed our allies .  That being said we have been meddling in that part of the world for decades.  PERHAPS if we had stayed the hell out of it all along we wouldn't be viewed as the Great Satan by some in the region and we would have no ISIS today.

In this instance as you have pointed out we weren't imposing ourselves in the region but we have many times before this which has created a great deal of hate for our country by many in that oil rich part of the world.  The middle east also is very rich in Hate not just oil. Not saying they are bad individuals but you have many "neighbors/groups" there that can't stand each other.

Let me preface this by saying:  Although I doubt it would have played out this way had we stood by our allies against Turkey ... Would you have rather been in full blown war with Turkey right now? Committing more American lives and resources, generating more hate?  I can understand DarthMettaliCube's position and more than a little of me wishes things were simple and we just minded our own business in that part of the world.  Alas things are rarely simple ...