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Pemalite said:

Lafiel said:

I like that you seem to criticize meaningless jargon, only to end your post with meaningless "4kres textures"..

He isn't wrong though. Games developed for consoles aren't developed to the metal in Assembly anymore, there simply isn't any need with how good compilers and middleware are today.
4k textures were in 7th gen titles anyway, in-fact some games had higher than that despite most games being 720P or less, texture resolution can and does differ from the output resolution.

and that's exactly what makes the term "4kres textures" so meaningless

the resolution needed for a texture to be adequate at 4k output varies wildly depending on it's (spacial)"size" and even if the texture res is high enough (and the artist used the res effectively) there are many secondary/post processing/filtering/compression etc effects that can make the texture "look" inadequate

as you said, quite a few 7th gen (and many more 8th gen) titles already sport texture work that looks great when output in 4k, but is let down by the dozens of other factors that determine how they look on screen, so it's a bit grating when somebody demands those "4kres textures" (especially while mocking other meaningless jargon)

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