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If it truly is a 4v1 and not a new Outbreak game, then it would appear that Capcom had taken two steps forward with REmake 1 remaster and REmake 2, to one step back with this game, if it turns out to becoming another PVP/Evolve style game.

The thing is, RE wasn't exactly designed purely in mind for PVP experiences. Outbreak had so very minimal PVP, in that it was only restrained to when you, the player died and came back as undead, but even then you could still die and not be able to bother the player again, which made the PVP factor very minimal in nature. We don't really need yet another PVP focused game (anyone saying this is co-op vs PVP doesn't seem to understand what Evolve had set up, because if someone has to become a boss and go vs 4 other people, then it is in fact PVP focused).

If it is 1v4, then it'd be like if Valve allowed players to become the AI director in L4D, only that player would still have a body for the other players to actually defeat, which still sounds lame, because it's like trying to turn a horror co-op experiences, into some forced "what if we made this game exactly like a D&D experience?".

I want Outbreak Capcom, not another evolve, not another PVP focused game, as your last one was utter crap, and we've got tons of PVP experiences to go around, that do it better than you do. Focus on your strengths, not your "pot of gold" that you think you're missing out on.