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I'm loving it so much again I bought the digital version so we can play together. The VR mode is great, the whole game feels fresh and new again. I played the original for 80 hours, I'm easily going to double that this time.

It changed a lot. I booted up my old save and my ship, exosuit and multi-tool were half filled with obsolete tech, new things popped up, new blueprints, missions. That platinum trophy doesn't mean much anymore lol. I continued with a new save instead and so far I've just been exploring one planet while adding to my base. I like all the changes so far, especially the much better stacking of materials and transforming materials in the refiner.

The game didn't need a comeback as it was great already, hence the 80 hours play time. This feels more like a sequel, no problem buying it again :) I still have the original disc, which can sit pretty on the shelf. One digital copy is enough to play on the primary and another ps4 in co-op. Pretty nice you can join each other's save if you need some materials that are abundant on the other's planet.