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Ganoncrotch said:
If there was one word for Xbox game studios that word would be, "directionless" Still though, it's obviously nonsense, if anything comes from Mojang it will 100% be on platforms other than the effectively dead Xbox1 and PC, it would be leaving money on the table for no reason to not bring a "minecraft 2" to other platforms simply because it's not so big an IP that people would buy a system to play it however limiting it to only their platform would maul the sales it could have. Not just to other consoles but also Android and IOS ports of it.

And here we are today with the headline on VGC front page:

Microsoft 'Would Like to See Game Pass on All Platforms'

I guess if that happens, there will be no new day 1 Xbox titles on the special Nintendo and Playstation versions (ha!) of Game Pass, because they have no further plans to bring first party games to other platforms. Or something.

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