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LudicrousSpeed said:
thismeintiel said:

Not really big in name, either, but I digress. 

And here's an important lesson going forward, reiterating the same prediction in different threads does not make it a new prediction in each thread.

Awesome lesson friend but it doesn’t apply here when you made predictions regarding four different consoles 👍 Actually you just made a Scarlett one in this thread, so make that five consoles. Hell you probably predicted it about Kinect, too 🤣

Yes, Kinect is still supported right?

duduspace11 "Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996"


Mr Puggsly: "Hehe, I said good profit. You said big profit. Frankly, not losing money is what I meant by good. Don't get hung up on semantics"