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colafitte said:
OTBWY said:

I know you're trying to reintroduce this "3rd party won't sell on Nintendo" narrative, but is there actual real data behind this. We don't have exact numbers on software on this site anymore, I kind of want you to elaborate on your conclusion.

About the part in bold: Some people on this site (not naming names) tried to convince others here that the Switch is not competing with the Playstation or the Xbox. So why would it be competing with the Scarlett and PS5? Seems like a lot of wishful thinking for when it suits another curious narrative.

Let me explain then...

1st thing. We have the list of the best 12 selling games on Switch according to Nintendo (all of them 1st party), i summed the number and it gave me 100M games sold. We have 210M units of software sold on Switch. My point was that Nintendo games represent most of the sales of the console. I found that "an unbalanced strategy of success" as i explained in that point. You are welcome to agree or disagree.

The second point is related to the first. If Nintendo has not received great support from EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Capcom, ... until now, with the launch of next gen consoles and the focus those companies are going to made into PS5 and XBO, i think there's even less chances that Switch will receive more support than the one is receiving right now. I was not saying PS5 sales will impact Switch sales. So no, no curious narrative, is very straight forward what i was saying and based on actual data provided by Nintendo, just maths.

In conclusion: Nintendo Switch is mainly a Nintendo games console, that's all.

Well let me tell you one thing. If Nintendo games were out on the Playstation or Xbox, they would be the highest selling games on those too. That's what you get when you are a studio with great output and great IPs. But on a more serious note, besides the good selection of triple A titles it doesn't get, and the games that it does get, how do you still come to that conclusion. You only gave some selective titles, but leave out others. You see, this is why I take issue with this, because you don't have actual numbers. Only the knowledge that Nintendo games sell great.. on their own platform. Which doesn't exactly mean third parties it does get, sell like shit. It's an assumption.

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