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colafitte said:

Well, i guess i get your points, but i definitively disagree. It's a matter of perspective i guess. For the people that have loved Nintendo games since chilhood my comment must sound stupid. From someone who grew up playing PC games and then PS games, i never felt the need to buy a Nintendo home console. Luckily i had friends over the years that had allowed me to play Nintendo games on their consoles. I loved every main Zelda i played (i finished most of them), i liked a lot each Mario (Galaxy 1 and 2 are masterpieces), Pokemon, DK and Metroid i played. I never cared about Mario Kart or Smash Bros and i still don't.

In my case, (as many other people i suspect because i can't be the only one) i would love to play Zelda BOTW or Mario Odyssey on my own console, but that's just 2 games. Having ports of great old games that have never been on Switch is not a plus for me at all. Indie games are on PC and PS4 too so if i want to play them i can access them whenever i want. Some of my favorite Japanese franchises doesn't appear at all on Switch (Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, ....) I like Western games as much as Japanese games, but there's an absolute lack of new Western games on Switch. Just for that a Switch is an automatic No for me, and when i see the lack of support from the big japanese and western developers in 2019, i can feel it won't get any better on 2020, 2021 and in the future.

I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people that has been feeling like this with Nintendo for years or decades. Nintendo seems to not want to convince people like me to buy one of their consoles. 

That's what i ultimately tried to say,  that..., yes Nintendo doesn't need 3rd party games to be succesful but that I need 3rd party games to buy a Nintendo console. I want their Nintendo exclusives and the 3rd Party support with new GTA's, COD's, Assassin's Creeds, Final Fantasy's, Resident Evil's, ...

That's what my "mixed impression" really meant. I can't deny this formula works wonders for Nintedo but this was not the directon i wanted for Switch, completely egoistically speaking. Switch has ended being another N64, another Wii, ... instead of the true SNES successor i really wanted. That and the fact that i really believe basing your success only in your first gaming lineup is more risky than having an extended, varied 3rd party supported library of games.

I guess this is the most sincere post i ever put here, but i'm pretty sure it will still annoy somebody......

Nintendo don't feel the need to convince you because as you've said here they've never appealed to you to begin with you you wouldn't bother trying to market meat to vegetarians for example and your assessment of Switch's games is off because games like Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein, Octopath, Hollow Knight, Outer Worlds, Bloodstained, Valkryria 4, Trine 3, Trials of Mana remake etc... are not old great games they're recent or upcoming games, objectively Switch doesn't lack anything that makes a platform great regardless whether it appeals to you the's no real lack of anything here. You're using your subjective taste in your views when the are objective factors that say otherwise and that's the issue in your argument and why some people may find it annoying, for example right now from July to December Switch has a load of games coming out that are likely to be really good more so than the other platforms you may not find them appealing but it doesn't change this fact.

Basing your success on first party is actually far more reliable than relying on third parties both Sony and Nintendo realized this long ago and MS have realized this recently why? Because exclusivity factors heavily in swaying consumers GTA and all that are available across many platforms to the point they aren't selling points for your platform anymore it's the likes of Mario, Zelda, GOW, Halo etc... Third parties at any point can jump ship or on any bandwagon as they're not trying to sell your platform just their own software. Fact is Nintendo has a line up of games that will have a fair share of 10m sellers with possibly some 20m sellers come the end of the Switch's life and this is due to building success off their own back then relying on others to do it for them the result is whether you get the likes of COD or not you still will have 10m-20m selling software to push your hardware.