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And some people were worried about Xbox One dragging Scarlett potential down because MS said that Xbox One will be supported for at least first two years after Scarlett launch. I don’t see it happening. Yeah, maybe MS themselves will still continue to support Xbox One, but I’m almost sure that third party publishers will drop it’s support pretty early.

hunter_alien said:
Said this before, and I am going to tell it again. If MS does not manage to get their shit together next-gen, the Xbox brand is good as dead and will follow Nokia and Windows (for mobile) into the grave. No amount of second-rate studio purchase will mend the damage that was done in the past 7-8 years.

Doubt that Xbox brand will be dead anytime soon otherwise Microsoft wouldn’t have been spending money on buying these studios, but unfortunately it seems clear that they aren interested in making dedicated console hardware anymore. So most likely they will release Scarlett and then make the decision about continuing making hardware or not based on how it performs.