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JRPGfan said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

I would agree if Scarlett were releasing this year.  Since it's releasing next year, Microsoft is mostly out of the console business until late 2020.  Sony kind of made the same mistake though.  PS4 sales are plummeting.  

This is why I originally thought both Microsoft and Sony would release their next consoles this year.  That is the smartest strategy.  Instead they are just letting Switch dominate the marketplace for all of 2019 and 2020.

Sony are just being stubborn in not doing a perm price cut already.
Look at what happend with "amazon prime" day/week thingy.... sales went berzerk, and it was like 6 x PS4 sku's above any Switch model.

Theres still demand for PS4's.... Sony just need to cut prices.

Also games (exclusives):
Shenmue III
Concrete Genie
Final Fantasy VIIR
Ghost of Tsushima
Last of Us - Part 2
(we just had Judgement)

+ the PSVR titles.

This is the year, if sony were smart they would do a perm price cut.
I honestly feel like they shoulda done one already by now.

Yeah, I do think they need a permanent price cut.  Not sure what they're pricing strategy is at this point, but I was just looking at PS3 price cuts.  Once it went down to $299, it stayed that way until it got a cut to $269 3 years later.  That is not much of a cut.  

If they plan on having a similar pricing strategy for PS4, then I wouldn't count on price cuts driving sales up.