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I haven't really played Just Cause (only played about an hour of JC 3) or Red Faction 3/4 but they're open world games that appear to be physics heavy.
Also, whenever I describe Dragon's Dogma to potential Switch owners as "BotW without horses".

Like many I see BotW as one of the greatest games of all time. There sense of freedom is unmatched compared to games I've played. It really feels more like a world that a game. Fantastic launch title...that you didn't need new hardware to play.

And that's what keeps it from being in the top spot. When you have a game like Mario 64 that offered an experience than couldn't compare to anything else and it was ONLY on N64, that pushes it to the next level for me.

I guess it's all opinions and it depends on what you're looking for in "The greatest launch title of all time". A game that does things other games have done INCREDIBLY WELL or a game that entirely breaks new ground and changes the industry (and is still a great game 20+ years later!).

Lots of consoles launched with that "Killer app". Not many have had the impact that Mario has, even today.

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