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Chrkeller said:
Random_Matt said:
People defend a chip that came out in 2014 saying it is not overpriced, wow. Nvidia ripped Nintendo off as they do with everyone, then Nintendo decided to rip off consumers as well. It is not even close to being worth the retail price, clueless.

The PSP was $250.  In comparison the Switch offers:

1) Better graphics

2) Larger screen

3) Higher resolution screen

4) Removable controllers

5) Ability to play at home via a dock

6) Touch Screen

7) Dual Analog

And the conclusion is the Switch is overpriced?  Yeah, you are clueless.  I love how Nintendo is suppose to offer easily the stronger dedicated portable gaming device, while having functionality at home, but some how the price should be less than the PSP.....  

Nope, I know how much tech components etc cost. You measure it however you want cupcake. I salute you on your defensive though, gotta bring in a Sony product which nobody was even discussing (For the record, that was a con as well)

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