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JEMC said:
Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

I hope this is true.


Leaving the completely ridiculous name of the "new" node, 14+++ (like, seriously?), I hope that rumor is true, mostly because it's a true declaration of a price wars fron Intel. And that can only be good for us.

Yeah the naming of the node is rubbish. - They could take a page out of Samsung's book and name it like: 14nm LPE/14nm LPP/14nm LPC/14nm LPU.

Basically every time Intel revamps 14nm they will make slight adjustments... I.E. 14nm++ has a relaxed poly pitch which results in slightly lower density, but allows for better current characteristics in the range of 20-25%. - And should in theory allow them to hit higher clocks even though their chips would be bigger.

A 10-core chip is nothing impressive though, thanks to what AMD has brought to the market... And it seems like Hyperthreading is back across Intels entire Lineup in order to try and bring multi-threaded performance up.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

The most unbelievable part for me are the prices. Intel can't afford to do so due to the production shortages. Unless that's just the nominal price and the real prices will go up right after launch, or that AMD has stolen so much market share that the shortages don't apply anymore. Finally, the i3 to i7 could simply be old, cherry-picked coffee lake CPUs with their hyperthreading enabled, thus only the i9 would actually be really new chips - but that depends also on the iGPU. If that one's new, then the whole chip is.

Shortages should be resolved late this year.

Need to keep in mind of how AMD and Intel lists their TDP's as well... It looks like Intels TDP's in that chart are better than Ryzen on paper... But AMD calculates it's TDP's from it's boost-clock whilst Intel calculates it from it's base clock... So that 65w 10-core processor is likely going to be significantly higher than that.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what Intel can achieve with a further refinement to it's 14nm process... But topping out at 10 cores is a little unimpressive all things considered.

...Plus rumors, salt and all that.

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