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Eh, i'm conflicted on how I feel about this. $200 is a great price point but i'm not sure the amount of features you lose as a result is a good trade off. No docking, no detachable joy-cons (so no 2 controllers right out the gate), some games can't even be played on it like Super Mario Party, etc. The only improvements seem to be slightly better battery life, an actual d-pad, and of course it's smaller and lighter.

Feels like it ruins the original message of what the Switch is by taking away one of the main features, but at the same time it is just a cheaper entry model for a specific crowd rather than replacing the original so I dunno. 

But then on the other hand for people who only use their current Switches in handheld mode and never docked (the people this is aimed for), perhaps these changes aren't something they would have ever cared about to begin with, so in that case this is a pretty good deal for them.

Either way i'll just stick with the regular Switch when I eventually buy one, or perhaps just wait to see if they actually do upgrade it in the future.