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Azuren said:

Well, then it would seem like a bonus would be a bad idea. Why would you like a bad idea?

Because it is amusing that people get so upset over Nintendo games having a strong presence on the list despite being on a sales website where it's easy to look up that Nintendo games are very popular and where it's verifiable that a lot of people consider a Nintendo console worth the price for Nintendo games alone, hence why Nintendo has continued to be a console manufacturer even through dire times.

Nintendo is the publisher with the biggest presence on the list of best-selling games of all time, so Nintendo having the biggest presence on a list of favorite games of all time is a logical consequence, especially when you factor in that Nintendo produces games that age well which isn't the norm in the video game industry.

The strong Nintendo presence on this list has been criticized since the existence of this event and the most reasonable solution would be that people come to accept that Nintendo is the best game publisher overall. If people could accept that, we wouldn't have this problem.

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