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Barkley said:
mZuzek said:

What matters most to me is each person's individual list, and it bothers me that there are people (RolStoppable) who would specifically design their lists to affect the end results. But, oh well.

Just don't accept the list.

Unfortunately, that's really out of consideration. For one, because it could lead to unending subjective arguments over whose list is or isn't an attempt at manipulating the final results (Rol's admittedly is, but anyone else's is another matter entirely). And for another, because regardless of intention, this is supposed to be a celebration of the VGC community and everyone should be allowed in it.

That second point is mostly what's keeping me from thinking up a new formula to decide the final results - since everyone is supposed to matter equally, I like to keep the point tallies simple and objective. But I am considering a new formula, yeah.