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*snap* Well, they've just lost some meaning in the name now with this new model .... Although calling it "Lite" is pretty smart since it can refer to what they did with the DS. Will it perform just like it did ? (Specially in Japan).

Also, the adoption of a new SKU being solely for handheld play doesn't change Switch's original nature, it's an hybrid system counted alongside other home console. (The debate has been hammered over and over, no point in trying to move the goal post to justify the Switch's success).

Now, this intrigues me in some way, does that mean the fundamental change would make Nintendo count the sales of the Switch Lite separately from the original SKU or will they group it in one "family" group ? I think it's pretty obvious they'll count it as a whole though since they share the same librairy (99% the same).

BTW, if you can't identify with this product, I mean it's probably normal since if you already own a Switch or don't like handheld gaming in general then you already can get/got what you want. This isn't aimed at everyone in particular but it sure will help the sales in Japan :D
Also, good call on the pricepoint ! (It's basically almost the same price as a New2DS XL !!)

AND ... for those waiting for the famously rumored "Pro" SKU to come out :

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