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Was their a sale or something? Quite a few oldies popping back up.

PortisheadBiscuit said:
Shaqazooloo0 said:
Fire Emblem: Three Houses still doing pretty well and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is tagging along. Everything else is really low. I'm surprised we haven't at least seen the Playstation 4 version Wolfenstein: Young Blood considering it's price, but I guess theirs not much hype for that. I suppose the same could be said for Dragon Quest Builers 2, that releases in less than a week and it' no where to be found.

Pokemon Sw/Sh vanished, are people really that mad??

It's still quite a ways out and will mostly likely be back in the top 100 today because of the new info and trailer that dropped. I don't think theirs anything to worry about there.