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Friday news, part two:

Bulletstorm studio says it would be 'awesome' to do a sequel
Bulletstorm is a fantastic shooter. It's fast, funny, creatively violent, and wildly profane, and it irritates me to no end that it never got a sequel. But even though it's been eight years, People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski told Eurogamer that there's reason to hold on to hope for a follow-up. (But maybe don't start holding your breath just yet.)

Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith says 'everything is political,' including his game
Cyberpunk is a deeply political sub-genre of science fiction, and it's no surprise that Cyberpunk 2077 will be too. Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the pencil-and-paper RPG on which CD Projekt's next big thing is based (who's also working with the studio on 2077) said in an interview with VGC that "everything is political," and that the setting is a cautionary tale about the confluence of technology, power, and responsibility.

Former Paradox CEO defends extended DLC policy as 'fair and balanced'
Paradox Interactive has kind of an unusual approach to making DLC, in that it can't seem to not make DLC. The 2013 release of Europa Universalis 4, for instance, was followed by 32 expansions, content packs, and other bits released over a span of more than five years; the most recent expansion for Hearts of Iron 4, which came out in mid-2016, was released last month.

The Outer Worlds co-director says it will be political, but not 'politically charged'
Obsidian creative director Leonard Boyarsky said in a recent interview with VGC that the studio is not trying to make its upcoming RPG The Outer Worlds into "a really hard, politically-charged game," and that it is being very careful not to "lecture" players about its themes. But his description of those themes, which include "power and how power is used against people who don't have it," has an awfully political ring to it.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey will get its final DLC episode later this month
Ubisoft certainly hasn't skimped on the post-launch support for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Weeks after the release of a new quest creator, the publisher has confirmed that the third and final part of the serialised Fate of Atlantis DLC will release on July 16. It's called the Judgment of Atlantis, and that's a screenshot from it above. It's our first look at Poseidon's realm, and by the sounds of things, it'll be the very last DLC pack for the game.

Be alone with your camera in peaceful free photography game 30 Pictures
Remember rolls of film? If yes, what was the deal with rolls of film *Seinfeld theme tune*. If no, they were like memory cards, but with much stricter shot limits, and that you had to take into an actual shop to get developed. Luckily you won't have to do the second thing with lovely free jam game 30 Pictures, but you only have 30 uses of its in-game camera before the game cuts out.

Nomadic MMO Last Oasis has a dynamic map, EVE-inspired trading and won't be Epic exclusive
Last Oasis developer Donkey Crew hosted an AMA for its peculiar survival MMO this week, giving us a better idea of what life is like on a world where the scorching sun leaves only a small strip of it habitable. Hard, apparently. That habitable zone is constantly moving, you see, so players will have to stay mobile and work together to get resources from an area before it (and they) are burned to a crisp.
>> So now not being Epic exclusive is the news worthy?

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  • Needles to say, Steam is busy doing their Summer Sale.

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