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JEMC said:
vivster said:
Just checked out the SUPER cards. looks like a solid offering. But seeing how the 2080ti is still so far beyond everything else it's hard to believe that we'll see a super version anytime soon. I really want to splurge on a 2080ti but it seems so much of a waste considering how amazing the 3080ti will be. 7nm and hopefully a shit ton more RT and Tensor cores are gonna show us what's really possible. Buying a 2080ti feels like buying an alpha prototype of a real card.

The RTX 2080 Super will launch in a few days, in July 23. And given how the new Super cards perform, it wouldn't surprise me if the 2080 Super ends up virtually tied with the 2080Ti.

Maybe that's the card you should get while you wait for the 3080Ti.

But why buy the 2080 super when I can just buy a 2080ti, which will be strictly better? If anything I'd like to buy a 2080ti Super.

I guess I'll just try to hold out until the 3080ti drops.

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