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setsunatenshi said:
should? From Software and Insomniac
will? don't think so, but who knows

FromSoftware is never going to happen. Kadokawa is never going to sell them off with the clout FS has in the industry.

Chrkeller said:

Yeah I reckon this is a good get. Though whether they atay remaster/ remake or new ips i think is something bluepoint will dictate.

ZODIARKrebirth said:
Hope for for a Developer from japan, what would make jrpg's for Sony, maybe Media.vision

Sure. Though it makes little sense for Sony to do that considering a large portion of their games are outsourced to 3rd parties to begin with. Sony Studios itself is not even as viable as their western counterparts in terms of guarenteed success, which I feel is more important in fixing rather than expanding the team.

But yeah would be cool to have media vision.

KLXVER said:
I just hope its not a big developer like Capcom.

Too big. 

pitzy272 said:
Aren’t you going to post the article link?

My dreams:
Kojima Prod
Super Giant

Would like:

Housemarque seem to be working on a bigger than normal exclusive for Sony (we will see if true). I feel if a bigger budget game can do well then Sony will look to acquire them. But I like the idea.

VideoGameAccountant said:

Insomniac is the most obvious. They've worked with Sony mostly but did make Sunset Overdrive for the XBox One. They are probably one of the most vulnerable developers for Sony and I expect they'll be one of the first. Maybe Kojima Productions but we'll see. I expect Sony will enter a bidding war to try and get From Software. That's going to be a fight for them.

This is so bizarre. Therr is nothing vulnerable about Insomniac. They have guarenteed success with Ratchet (which belongs to Sony) and Sony gifted them Spider-man (their biggest success and a character they chose) .

Insomniac aren't going to lose access to both Ratchet and Spider-man. They aren't idiots.

And FromSoftware already has an owner. No bidding is going to happen unless said owner miraculously decides to let go of a golden egg. 

Bristow9091 said:
Liquid_faction said:

My pick is Bluepoint like the majority, I would have wanted them to buy out a Japanese company like Media.Vision, like someone said or Falcom, but with their stick up the ass censorship "for the kids" attitude, I'd rather not let them touch any JRPG studio.

This logic makes no sense whatsoever.

Very true, it doesn't.