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Otter said:
donathos said:

"Contextual awareness" here means that you argue for double standards. But there is another way to approach moral reasoning, which is to hold individuals to the same ethical standard without respect to their gender, race, etc.

Of course, so charge children for crimes the same as we do adults. Don't distinguish between manslaughter and murder. It's not my fault you guys can't comprehend nuance, cause and effect, proportionality etc. I'm glad the social shift in the west is contrary to your logic and the logic of so many others here. There is no binary here & razors response could have been far more measured but they're tone deaf :)

So basically you think that woman are as weaker/less inteligent/mature to male than child to adult? Or that killing someone with intent or not is the same distinction between male and female action as if one wouldn't be a rational choice?

LuccaCardoso1 said:
DonFerrari said:

Being brief.

Basically someone that was watching the streaming asked her what tools she used (meaning mic, headset, KB+M), and she for unknow reasons start bickering basically saying

"Why is is that whenever a woman is doing a stream, male jerk ask what she is using?", "Why don't you pick your little cock, roll it up and stuck on your ass".

That was one of the videos people reported to Razer and possibly supported their decision as it wasn't just she being upset about a moronic joke that she replied over and above, but a behavior she have repeated even when unprovoked.

Why are you lying? What the hell

COKTOE said:

Ahh, so that's the video you referenced initially. Thanks for that.

She seems like a delightful person. I hope she can bounce back from this, and maybe get a job as a night janitor at a shopping mall. And hey, it will give her ample opportunity to dwell on how all males are trash when she's cleaning the men's room floor with her pissmop.

What he said is simply not the truth. What she said was exactly: "Why do you access a stream for the first time and already ask what the streamer uses for streaming?" Then she said those thing about the commenter's cock. It was obviously super rude, but she didn't mention the commenter's gender and neither she nor us have a way to even know if it was a guy.

I don't know why DonFerrari lied, but draw your own conclusions from that.

I gave no transcipt, I summarized what happened.

And your OP would be 10x more lying than anything said by me. And the behavior shed had on both videos I posted is something a company should tolerate just because she is a woman?

Why would you say to a girl to roll her cock and stuck in the ass? Normally one would use the cunt or other vagina related terms to offend a woman. She offending a woman would be more acceptable?

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