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gamingsoul said:
1). 2). Isn’t authoritarianism what the big tech companies are doing right now.
3). Fidel Castro promised democratic elections when he took over, then he took the power because he said democratic elections would put the revolution in danger, and what about the ussr they were supposed to help the workers, 4). right now the left wants to vanish anyone who has different ideas, so many people are unhappy with the 5). 6). uncontrolled migration 7). yet the democrats refuse to do anything, they have this sense of higher moral ground and 8). anyone who disagree is racist, fanatic or something, 9). isn’t that authoritarianism?

I really shouldn't bite your bait.

1). No, it's not what they are doing right now.

2). Authoritarianism is a form of government, not a form of policy implementation at a private corporation.

3). Neither what the Fidel regime in Cuba did nor what the Stalin regime did in the USSR are relevant to modern socialism.  Especially given that the US leans toward Democratic Socialism such as the Nordic Model.

4). No, no we don't.  I'm on the left and no we don't. Now if you violate the TOS for a platform with which you agreed to when you registered, then that's your own damn fault.

5). Uncontrolled migration?  Why do you constantly use such obviously incorrect and intentionally inciteful hyperbole and rhetoric?  For one trying to critique the left, you sure are not helping your case with just verbiage.

6). The migration is not uncontrolled.  It's certainly not perfectly controlled but it's not uncontrolled at all. Actually, it was better controlled a few years ago.  Prior to 2016, we had a 75% court hearing appearance and check in rate for all asylum seekers.  For those that were part of the Family Case Management Program, it was 100%.  Trump ended the program and enacted Metering and now rates have plummeted...basically creating a self-fulling prophecy regarding a crisis.

7). We did do something and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to allow all House bills to be voted on the Senate floor preventing the possibility of them ever passing. In fact, he's blocked over 100 bills in just the past 4 months. And if you think this is recent, McConnell said back in 2015 that he would block any immigration bill while Obama is president. How can the Democrats do anything legislative if the Senate kills all of them outright?  That to me is more authoritarian than anything you have argued the Democrats do.

8). And here goes the hyperbole and rhetoric again. No, we don't. You wish we did though.  Because you want to have that dog whistle to blow on.  And you want it so bad that you and the right will repeat it as often as possible to make people believe it.

9). I think we've answered that.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."