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fatslob-:O said:

I doubt it'll get anywhere near 25% (closer to 5% realistically speaking) and next gen consoles are guaranteed to have 8 cores with the official information we know so the discussion about consoles are especially moot in general since developers probably won't make next gen console CPU performance as the minimum standard ... 

How do you come to 5%? 
And yes, 8-cores is common knowledge at the moment.

25% of 8 cores is 2 cores, which is a good amount of CPU time for the OS, background duties and so on, especially as these devices tend to do more and more in the background as time goes on... And with 4k streaming becoming more prominent, they may need the additional CPU cycles.

fatslob-:O said:

Just exactly how high do you want to raise the standards for AMD ? Would you rather they not sell ANY 6 cores and instead start with 8 cores at $400 ? 

You have misconstrued my statements to be something it's not.
I am suggesting that 6-cores is uninspiring to me, not that AMD should stop selling them.

If AMD was to release a 6-core CPU for the mobile space I would actually be a little more excited, but their mobile efforts are pretty average at the moment.

AMD's 12 and 16-core parts however are extremely tantalizing for me... Remember, I have had 6 or more CPU cores for about a decade now, so anything less than 8-cores after all these years is pretty "meh" from my point of view.
AMD had 6-core mainstream parts (I.E. The Phenom 2 x6 1090T) as far back as 2010 remember, which was actually my first 6-core processor, I want things to move upwards a little faster for the entry and mid-range segments, especially on desktop.

fatslob-:O said:

Even though it's not 8 cores, they're still offering compelling options and that still matters a lot even if it is uninspiring to you. They'll still be offering 8 cores at higher prices ... 

I never once suggested they aren't compelling options for other users. - I am not one of those other users however.

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