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gamingsoul said:
Mnementh said:

Well, the bestestest argument of all time. If you don't like Mexican immigrants, why don't you go to canada? If you like capitalism so much, why don't you go to China (do the research, China is ultracapitalist)? If you like no socialized health care, why don't you go to Singapur? If you do like overacting leaders so much, why don't you go to Hungary with Victor Orban?

Many people leave their country when they are dissatisfied with their own, look what’s happening at the souther border or all the Muslim immigrant going to Europe.

Wow. That statement just revealed how incredibly ignorant you are of what's going on in the world, not to mention privileged enough to even think that just anybody can get up and go to a foreign land on a whim with no problems at all.

A vast majority of those people are refugees seeking asylum from incredibly impoverished and war-torn hostile states. I can assume that if you were trying to survive in the middle of a literal WAR and chaos you'd need to find a more suitable place to live. It takes A LOT to abandon your home because the powers that be have made it literally impossible for you to live there. It's not like going on a vacation on a whim, it's out of necessity, the countries that they love are no longer hospitable places to live at and so they're forced to relocate because their lives depend on it.