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John2290 said:

Not a chance unless they were using a guide, I've 8 hours on the ticker and 27% map completion and still running into dead ends. I'd assume you'd have to get extremely lucky to do this at 15 hours or less. I just started with a look at a completed map and it's not much of a help cause I'm still running into dead ends plus at some point farming is inevitable if you want good gear and stats/shards. 

Whqt I mean is resetting the game from the ps4 menu or reloading the save but fuck that glitch, fingers crossed it foesn't happen but Yes, I've counted 5 hard crashes now on PS4 and 7 or 8 other glitches which have made me reset the game but pretty few other glitches bar those apart for some serious performance issues when the camera zooms out or rotates in certain sections, some glitches have been less game breaking than others like I could have continued not being able to pick items up but I rathered the reset. 

Probably lost a good hour if not more of time now that I think about it plus some really good shard drops that i have since regained. RNG seems to be pretty tight just after saves. 

Yeah, and keep in mind that map progression tends to happen more frequently in the early stages of the game, because then you're almost always headed into new and unexplored territory. Once you start backtracking more, map progression starts slowing down.
I haven't found myself wandering around lost too much, but enough that it became satisfying when I figured out where to go/what to do next.
I don't know if 12h is enough to even reach the bad end on a first playthrough. But yeah, expect over 20 hours for most people, I'd say.
Will be interesting to see what everyone's endtime will be when they beat the final boss.

I didn't know the game could crash, but that's good to keep in mind. Weird that you've experienced so many though, while it never happened to me. Are you playing on PS4 Pro perhaps? Maybe it's more common on that version or something.

Here's the glitch with me and the twin dragons they show in the trailers.


As you can see in the thumbnail, I was able to sneak up behind one of them because of it, and it looks.... interesting from behind. lol
But now I wonder what would have happened if I had just grabbed the chest at the bottom instead of defeating it, and then gone back in again in the entrance I first used. Another boss cutscene as if I never saw it before?

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