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KrspaceT said:
NPD released data on the best selling/best revenue generating titles in the US that are third party on the switch up to May.

I've heard some talk that Bethesda title counts are off due to lacking digital, but regardless of that here is what there is there.


1 – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
2 – Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
3 – Diablo III: Eternal Collection
4 – Just Dance 2019
5 – Just Dance 2018
6 – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
7 – LEGO The Incredibles
8 – NBA 2K18
9 – Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
10 – FIFA 18

10th best selling in the most important region for games overall, if not FIFA specifically, and it isn't good enough to get proper support...though it does give me a bit more context for why it feels like Activision has been stepping up support since Crash and it's single developer over a weekend porting a level.

(Hope that guy got a raise for it...)

It's more surprising considering it's a Football game, which isn't really popular in N.A. than it is in the rest of the world, which says it a lot

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