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Shadow1980 said:
TheBird said:
More people lined up for the washrooms at his rally than the number of people showing up for every democratic rally COMBINED. Democrats are just a bunch of communist clowns nowadays, nothing they stand for is American, and therefore no Americans want to waste their time listening to their crap.

@Italicized: False, as others have pointed out.


Show me where in the Democratic platform, policies, or rhetoric where they suggest nationalizing the means of production.

@The rest: You don't get to define what is and isn't American. Progressives love America, too. We just have a different idea about what makes America great, and what makes for good policy. We also don't think loving your country means refusing to criticize aspects about its history or government. There's a fine line between patriotism and blind nationalism.

And lots of Americans do listen to our "crap," as you put it. That's why the Democrats won the 2018 midterms despite gerrymandering working against us, and why Republican presidential candidates have won the national popular vote precisely once in the past 30 years. If nobody cared what we have to say, we wouldn't win elections. Republicans are the ones that are less popular, and they make most of their successes thanks to geography, a flawed electoral system, gerrymandering, and an unfortunate tendency of progressives to sit at home and stew or vote third-party if they don't like the Democratic candidate.

Well put. I think we would blow the Republicans and establishment Democrats out of the water if there weren't so many barriers in our way like corporate money in government.