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Pemalite said:
Trumpstyle said:

Hmm an verified insider has already confirmed that PS5 will also have hardware ray-tracing.

Then feel free to link me to it? Otherwise I'll throw it into the rumor basket and wait on legitimate sources.


Post 6586 if link doesn't work.

thismeintiel said:
Interestingly, in the new DF video, he states that devs are very happy with the PS5, while not saying what they had to say about the XB4. Wonder if this is also hinting at the same thing.

Did you notice anything else in that video :) he said 8,3-8,4 Teraflops gpu with 36CU, now clocked at 1,8ghz they are a match. I have been saying 36CU clocked at 1,8ghz since april based on Navi 10 being rumored having 40CU and gonzalo showing a 1,8ghz GPU for PS5. Only issue is that a Navi gpu with 36CU clocked at 1,8ghz draws about 200Watt. The entire Xbox one X pulls about 180-200W.

But with Reiner, Colin saying PS5 being more powerful than Xbox anaconda it looks like Sony is building a 250W console.

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