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potato_hamster said:

No. OP never says that Moriarty felt stronger. He said Moriarty's words were stronger. And they were. But here's the question Rol, did you even check to see if my quote or Moriarty was accurate? Have you even listened for yourself yet? Gosh. Wouldn't that be super embarrassing for you if I just made up that quote from Colin Moriarty, and you just never bothered to check? I sure hope that didn't happen.

You and I both know it's not a baseless claim that you document users activities and have quick links to quotes that users have said, likely organized by subject. For example, I bet you have a potato_hamster document with a reference to "Colin Moriarty" in it where you either have notes about conversations we've had about him, quotes I've made about him, links to posts I've made about him, or some combination of all three, so you can reference those posts for your purposes. This is obvious. You've shown your hand several times by showing several, organized linked quotes from several users made over a several year period posted within minutes of a user's comment when there was no way of you could have actually searched through those users post history to find all of those links and quotes within the time you responded, especially if that user has public access to their post history turned off. It had to have been prepared ahead of time. It's literally the only way for someone of your skill set.

So much dishonesty Rol. It doesn't matter if you don't want to admit that these documents exists (or did exist, there's no telling if you still have or maintain them)when the truth is right there for anyone who is paying attention to see. It's just speaks volumes about your character and integrity. As for my character, I'm totally fine with being condescending towards someone such as yourself. You lost any presumed respect you had with me a long time ago and have done literally nothing to earn it back. I'm totally comfortable with my attitude towards you.

And it's nice that you think you're on good terms with the mod team. Ohh, and I bet you think I'm one of those people that "holds disdain for Nintendo/Nintendo fans", don't you Rol? I bet that document you have containing links to several different posts I made that you feel would justify that claim as well.

But that's enough about that. This thread isn't about you and I. You're just going to take that hit to your pride and move on, and talk about Playstation 5, Xbox Scarlett or the sources reporting on them. Let's talk about that.

No, Moriarty's words weren't stronger because he doubted what he had heard. And yes, I checked up on what Moriarty said.

As for the rest of your post, that's a lot of paranoia.

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