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potato_hamster said:

You still fail to understand that I honestly and truly do not care if I "look bad" to you or if your opinion of me has worsened.

Nah. I didn't sit on anything, and I certainly didn't take revenge on you. (Side note: How much of an ego do you have to have to think that your interactions with me on this site has impacted me in any type of negative way, much less enough for me to try to "get revenge" on you).

The OP didn't make a mistake here. You did. No one here was saying that Colin Moriarty claimed the PS5 was definitely more powerful than Xbox Scarlet besides you. Here's what the OP quoted from the article: Emphasis mine. "Some days ago Andrew hinted the PS5 could be stronger than the XB4 (for the sake of keeping it short), and now Colin has also said the same, but being a lot more strong about it, saying as far as what he heard, the PS5 is definitely more powerful than the XB4."

See, that's you making a terrible assumption. Not the OP. Not the article. You.

Also, it's pretty dishonest to act like I ignored other users to "attack" you. The only that was said about Colin before that was ""Is this the same Colin who said Microsoft tried to put Halo MCC on PS4? lol".

Then you chimed in with "Colin Moriarty is the prototype of a hardcore Sony fanboy, so if he's the sole source for "definitively more powerful" (according to the article he is), then this whole rumor can be dismissed as hearsay and wishful thinking. "

... yeah. Because that's totally not taken to another level of attacking the source's credibility. Not at all. In fact it's totally innocuous. Who would ever choose to respond to you over the other guy unless they had vengeance in mind! It's the only explanation!

And then I "botched" pointing out your assumptions that you pretend are facts? Says you, the same guy who just claimed I tried to dole out revenge on him, and actually had the thought that I ignored other people just to single you out, and now in some vain attempt to save face here you are trying to claim that even though you took all the rope I gave you, and you promptly, diligently and predictably hung yourself with it, I look bad too by methodically pointing out every time you treated your assumptions as facts, and let you embarrass yourself as I watched you dig your own hole deeper and deeper.

Do yourself a favor and go back and read my comments knowing that Colin never actually said the PS5 will definitely be more powerful than Xbox Scarlett. Notice how it only looks cringeworthy if you think that Colin has taken a bold leap and I'm trying to defend that leap? Well that sucks for whoever thought that, I guess.

You really think the mod teams cares if you think less of them, or have less integrity in your view? Amazing. Again, your opinion of the mod team is not an objective fact, it's just your single, pinion. As for whether a mod would support me? I bet a few of them are getting a bit of a kick out of your obvious embarrassment. I'll make you a deal. I'll check my condescension when dealing with you when you drop it dealing with everyone else, because if there's anything on this site that no one is going to give you credit for, it's having general respect for anyone who has an opinion you disagree with.

But whatever man, keep sitting on that house of cards pretending it's solid ground. Go write another few furious lines in that document you keep on me that you both refuse to acknowledge but also tellingly very refuse to deny. Hmm I wonder what it says about a person who keeps documentation and notes about other users on an anonymous message board where they have no authority, control, or responsibilities... I think we'll leave that for another day.

Have fun with that paper crown you made for yourself, Rol. Until next time.

The OP says that Moriarty felt stronger about the PS5 being more powerful, but Moriarty's actual quote has him doubt the things that he has heard.

You complain about my ego to start your post and then conclude with the baseless claim that I have a document about you and other users. How ironic.

The difference between my accusations and yours is that the evidence for my accusations is right in this thread where you have posted several messages filled with condescension, plus you admit it in the third to last paragraph of the quoted post above that you have a reason, wrong as it may be, to be condescending to me on a consistent basis.

In regards to my reputation on this site, I am on good terms with people from all camps and that obviously includes plenty of instances of disagreement. The people who have a problem with me generally fall into the group that holds disdain for Nintendo and/or Nintendo fans, but this can't be avoided.

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