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the-pi-guy said:
Cobretti2 said:
i see what you saying but I am tired of broken games from day 1.

Id gladly pay $20 more a game to ensure I get it on a medium and in a complete state that doesn't require downloading a bit patch day 1.

Console makers get a cut usually around $20-$25 for each copy a game gets sold.  OP is suggesting that cut would get folded into the console's cost.  

Game developers would be making around the same amount they do now.  So not sure how games would get any more broken than they are right now.

They wouldn't be more broken. What I am saying is it has gotten to a point where its becoming annoying and making some people wonder why bother with consoles if they can get the same broken game on PC. Consoles should go back to core roots of plug and play that is what made them attractive over PC. Devs should make more and just get the damn job done right with the extra money as prices haven't really gone up for years whilst development and scale of games has gotten even bigger.