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John2290 said:
Fallawful said:

No, absolutely not. Politics did not affect the game's reviews, please don't conflate issues that are completely unrelated. The game was reviewed so because it was average. I love it as well - because average does NOT mean bad. It means that's it's a solid game, and that's it, nothing more. 

The main character was boring, and the story was full of tropes we've seen hundreds of times before in a story. This has nothing to do with politics. The thing the saved this game from being bad was the solid mechanics. The zombie hordes are dopes and the motorcycle is fun to ride around and maintain. 

You've got yo be srriously naive or in a space of blissful ignorance if you don't see that politics had a large effect on this games score. If you think the daily dots 30 is based on the games merit, you need some perspectuve dude. And also, the protagonist, Deacon is not average. He has a deep bavk story and has a unique personality, the VAer does a brilliant job at bringing unique mannerisms to his character and his history opens up in a fluid way across the game. The game is more of a day (few months) in the life type deal so the fact that they were able to flesh him out so well in this period is a feat. 

There were plenty of reviews that gave it a low score, not because of politics, but because of the story being a same old same old. But I still have to finish the game before I make up my mind on the story. Anyway, I'm sure there are 5-10 bad reviews due to politics. But those same sites give everything a bad review score. Most of the time a game will get reviewed by one or two of those tabloidy sites. But Days Gone seems to have attracted every last one of them. Even if those political reviews were cut out, the game would still only be at 77 or so. Really good review sites like Destructoid, and Easy allies weren't fans of Days Gone either. 

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