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John2290 said:
Fallawful said:

Please provide evidence, also including as to how many only hated it because of the character's skin colour without any constructive criticism. I'd also like to add that of course there's dumb&*$# reviewers who say statements like that for a click, but what I'm countering is the two of your implications that racism is what bogged down the game's reception. A bad apple does not make the whole batch bad, amirite? Goes for reviewers. Finally, I don't buy the political elephant in the room, which is the WASP 'victimisation' narrative that our discussion now is flirting with but not getting into (which is good, because I do not want to get into it). 

Bolded: That's absolutely fine. I'm glad you like stuff like this. My problem is that I get too bored when things aren't fresh enough. 

I'm on android, see my sig, look it up yourself on google. Plenty of evidence before and after the games release. 

That's the thing, I don't actually believe the evidence exists. It's one of those things that became polities and blowed immensely out of proportion. Identity politics is tricky, you see - a lot of times it is absolute BS.