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Ganoncrotch said:
Fallawful said:
This is a zombie Ganondorf for suuuure. It might be someone trying to resurrect him (again). I wouldn't put it above Nintendo to do the bare minimum for a story (I am certainly hoping that they would go story-heavy, though).

I loved the story in breath of the wild, that is to say you get poked at the start of the game and told "Ganons  over there mate, what you waiting for" and you run towards Hyrule castle until you get blasted by walking death spider robots... then you start to tell the story of how you hid away like a little coward under some rocks and prayed the rolling death machines would leave you be until you can find something better than a tree branch to wave at Ganon.... Perfect story telling imo!

I actually really liked the story in BotW. I mean the world was defeated basically. They remnents are hiding out at the edges of the realm and it's up to you alone to go and save it.

I liked the backstory told how it was through the memories. It was a perfect story, imo. Only missing more present day story telling. You were kind of just fixings wrongs in the past. There was no present day story, if that makes sense.

Add onto it Breath of the Wild 2's story and hopefully the two just go so hand in hand that it will feel like they are part of a trilogy or something.