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EspadaGrim said:
Next year, I think we'll see these games from Xbox studios:
Halo Infinit
Gears Tactics
Age of Empires IV
Fable IV
Forza Motorsport 8
Rare new game
Compulsion new game
Dead Lab new game
Xbox Global Publishing new games

The Initiative new game?
Ninja Theory new game?
XGP 2nd new game?

Expecting more than what we saw for a transitional year was a mistake and setting yourself for a disappointment. Most of the companies are saving their guns for next gen.

Shinobi already said that Rare’s new game is a long ways away, Undead Labs and Compulsion are not going to be ready and I doubt that The Initiative will show something since they are currently smaller that Playgrounds RPG team that has also yet to announce what they are working on.

You can bank on Ninja Theory, and DoubleFine though maybe Inxile and Obsidian too.

I expect something like this:

- Rare I do expect something from Rare next year myself whether it's the new IP they are working on or a collaboration of a Old Rare IP such as Banjo/Perfect Dark I'm not sure.

- Compulsion still will have most their development team on We Happy Few for most of this year so I don't expect anything from them

- Undead Labs I'm not sure if they will be working on more SoD2 DLC or not but I still think it's to soon for them to reveal.

- Doublefine I don't think will be there since they have 2 games shipping late this year, At most a small teaser.

- Ninja Theory are a 100% lock to show off a game and probably a game most years if they have as many teams as we think

- Playground with Fable whilst I think it's a 2022+ game has the power and one of few titles they could reveal to hype up next gen

- Global Publishing should have Killer Instinct 2 and another big AAA 2nd party offering to show and 1-2 A/AA offerings - Any less than that I will think wtf have they up to all this time.

- Obsidian/InXile I think 1 of these will reveal something new as they both have multiple development teams with them both shipping games late this year

- Gears Tactics and confirmed for consoles (Maybe this happens at X019 if it's releasing around May 2020)

- AoE 4 likely to be there but I expect it to remain PC only

- Turn 10 I expect to be there and use Motorsport as a graphical showcase with it been a new console release E3 but I'm not sure if it will make the day one release. It would make sense to be a day one title and big contracting numbers could do it but Motorsport and Horizon may end up overlapping and in turn delaying Horizon into 2022 seems way to long for people to wait for next gen's first entry.

- The Initiative Could show of their first game as a long term game to hype up but like Fable I don't expect anything from them until 2022+