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Next year, I think we'll see these games from Xbox studios:
Halo Infinit
Gears Tactics
Age of Empires IV
Fable IV
Forza Motorsport 8
Rare new game
Compulsion new game
Dead Lab new game
Xbox Global Publishing new games

The Initiative new game?
Ninja Theory new game?
XGP 2nd new game?

Expecting more than what we saw for a transitional year was a mistake and setting yourself for a disappointment. Most of the companies are saving their guns for next gen.

Shinobi already said that Rare’s new game is a long ways away, Undead Labs and Compulsion are not going to be ready and I doubt that The Initiative will show something since they are currently smaller that Playgrounds RPG team that has also yet to announce what they are working on.

You can bank on Ninja Theory, and DoubleFine though maybe Inxile and Obsidian too.