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CuCabeludo said:
gergroy said:

Not sure where you are getting that from.  Objectified female characters is pretty much a universal truth in all video games, regardless of where it is made...

Its is all hiprocrisy, MK11 have half-naked male skins, no problem is an almost naked char is male, but female characters are almost wrapped in burka because it is objetification to show some of their body.

Sure... except there are a lot more flabby males then females in video games.  Still, there are certainly examples of both genders being objectified... doesn’t necessarily make it right.  Video games are supposed to be an escape from reality and the ability to take control of a fantastical figure is part of that so creating these impossibly fit characters is expected.  Still, there are some games (like dead or alive for example) that take it too far.  

But as far as the original point, pretty much all games from every region of the world do this.  Japan certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on the ladies in video games.