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I voted for Square Enix, but now that I've rewatched Nintendo, I think they did slightly better. There are few ways to top a big chunk of FF7R gameplay, but BOTW 2 is one of them, as is Panzer Dragoon for me at least. As for low points, I'll take a hokey live action ad for Resi 5 and 6 over an Outriders dev diary any day of the week.

Phil overhyped his first-party showing and the leaks ruined a lot of the fun, but PSO2 was a great surprise. Bethesda was cringey and phony as usual. Ubisoft quadruple-downed on Tom Clancy, which isn't my cup of tea, but Gods and Monsters has my interest. Jedi Fallen Order is definitely on the right track, but a great E3 event it doesn't make (to say nothing of the horror stories from people who actually attended EA Play). I haven't seen PC Gaming or Devolver yet.

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