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Bristow9091 said:
Amnesia said:

Yes I know, but I am not interested by other consoles, so my temptation was pending for a Switch only.

What console do you currently use then? I assumed you'd have had a PS4 or PC, meaning you wouldn't need to buy a whole new console for one game, lol.

I have played Breath of the Wild on my Wii U in 2017, and later this year I have played some GBA for Children of Mana.

Look at my signature, I think you should understand. I only speedrun old stuff.

Current PB on Secret of Mana remake : 2h27 (2nd)
Strongest worldwide achievement on TGM : 1st European S13 rank
Fastest TI MASTER in Europe : rank Master V in 5min10
Current PB on Power Ranger (Game Gear) : 10min06 (World Record)

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LET'S FACE THIS FACT : The Switch is the last physical video game system of the history who has a chance to beat PS2's sales.