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Green098 said:
Jranation said:

Is it because of that lack of leaks it has? I havent seen or heard any leaks of any game yet. They did confirm it will be 2019 at their financial conference. Soo if it is delayed something happened between April to June. 

In GameXplain's latest E3 prediction video, there was an all round consensus it would release early next year.


They did agree the E3 direct would show off Animal Crossing at least.

I saw that.  The thing is, it doesn't make much sense to me.  Animal Crossing is a 10 million seller waiting to happen.  It doesn't sound like they think development is the problem, it sounds like they think Nintendo is just going to schedule it for after the holidays for to fill in a gap.  To me it would make more sense to hold back the Link's Awakening remake or something if that was their plan.

It just feels like the internet talking to itself.  I'm still expecting Animal Crossing to take up a good chunk of the Direct and announce an October release.

Also, I just think they would have learned from last year not to release news of delays during E3.