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EricHiggin said:

If I died protecting my family from someone looking to do them harm, and I could be brought back from purgatory years later, only to find the criminal found a loophole or was given an extremely weak sentence, especially if he got back out and ended up harming my family, I'd be beyond pissed. I'd haunt that criminal, judge, and lawyer until they all ended up in the mental institute. Now if I was brought back and that judge or some authority was bragging about how I saved my family and that POS would be behind bars for decades yet and that my family was safe and sound and doing well, even if he was by chance banging my wife and taking care of my kids, I'd finally be able to move on and go in peace. I'd maybe haunt him for a night or two just to mess with him, but then I'd be good. lol

I don't particularly see any major parallels with this story and the examples that were given.  

EricHiggin said:

Trump bragging about how great the country they died for is in good taste, even if it happens to be in his favor. It's not like it's anything new. 

Taste is subjective.  I would have taken it to be in better taste, if he at least dedicated a full tweet to the people that died for this country.  

The bothersome part for me is that Obama got hit on for less.

EricHiggin said:

With every agenda fitting gun incident, it doesn't take long after the hopes and prayers before the Dems start getting into weapon restriction politics. Both sides rarely let an opportunity go to waste, no matter how the opposition may feel about it.

it's almost like after a shooting is the perfect time to talk about preventing more shootings.