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Angelus said:
Ryuu96 said:

Question: If you could have any one game announced at Xbox E3, what would you pick? (Can be anything, go crazy).

Oh hang on, I got a list:

Jade Empire 2, KOTOR 3 (just you know...neither by Bioware on account of they're all kinds of fucked up), Prince of Persia reboot, Splinter Cell: Trumpistan, The Witcher Legacy (Ciri spin off), Legend of Dragoon reboot/prequel/sequel (I'll take whatever...f*ck the guy who made that thread), Alan Wake 2, Dragon's Dogma 2, and Conker: Banjo's Last Fur Day (where we murder that stupid bear and send all his fanboys home crying forever)

Good list, would especially like KOTOR 3, new Witcher series with Ciri (hopefully that is the Witcher game that CDP is teasing for 2021), and a new Conker.

2 other 3rd parties I’d really like to see at E3 this year are Sleeping Dogs 2 and Saints Row 5.